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Medicare Advantage Gets Supplemental Benefits Flexibility, Including For Transport

Medicare Advantage gets supplemental benefits flexibility, including for transport

MA plans must still offer all enrollees uniform benefits, premiums and cost sharing.

“Under the bipartisan budget deal signed by the president in February, Congress expanded supplemental benefits for the chronically ill to include those that “have a reasonable expectation of improving or maintaining the health or overall function of the chronically ill enrollee and may not be limited to being primarily health related benefits.” The law also authorizes CMS to waive uniformity requirements, but only with respect to supplemental benefits for enrollees with chronic conditions. As healthcare’s focus shifts increasingly to population health, barriers such as transportation and food and housing insecurity are entering the equation of what it means to be and remain healthy. Without a reliable ride, for example, patients may miss scheduled appointments or fall treatment regimens, increasing the likelihood of more costly care in the future.” Read the full article.

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