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Alex Morrison Explains Software Architect’s Responsibilities

Alex Morrison Explains Software Architect’s Responsibilities

This month we are spending some time with Alex Morrison, Solutions Architect to learn about his daily activities and team accomplishments and challenges in the past few months.  

Tell us about your team and daily activities. 

The software architecture team supports multiple aspects within the company from leading user story design reviews to developing proof of concept initiatives. Working in a collaborative setting, we tackltopics and lay the groundwork for client incident response, provide technical designdocument and develop technical initiatives and move current implementations forward. We work through a multitude of detailed tasks that support development within our company  

What exciting implementations and developments are coming up?   

The scrum teams are currently working to implement CMS Interoperability using the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard. This protocol facilitates a streamlined exchange of data between healthcare entities. Outside of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards like 834, 835, 837, etc. information is exchanged using proprietary files or Application Programing Interface (APIs). FHIR conforms all the data into a common format allowing all systems to speak the same language. Once fully adopted, the increased efficiency will significantly increase our velocity for many activities like reporting and client implementations.  

We are currently working on the methodology of microservices. Once implemented throughout our team, our large products will be broken down into manageable, scalable, and reusable components. This way, each microservice can move at its own speed instead of being held up by the slowest component.  

What wins or challenges have you/your department recently had?  

One of our new technical initiatives recently made it to production. During a client implementation, we introduced single sign-on and multifactor authentication capabilities to HXProHXLogic, and Care Manager products. This capability utilizes the vendor Okta to greatly increase our application security and allow our clients to easily transition between our products as needed.  

What do you value most about our culture and recognition programs at HealthAxis?   

I value that we have an active culture. My prior companies either had no culture or it was not reinforced. HealthAxis puts a lot of effort into making sure our values and goals are known, so everyone is pushing in the same direction. I think that effort is visible in our accomplishments and how we can tie actions back to these core concepts.  

We recently had Employee Appreciation Day where I received an award for representing one of our company’s core values. To be recognized by peers and management for exemplifying a core value of the company is humbling. 

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