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Consumers Open To More Digital Health Use, Survey Finds

Consumers open to more digital health use, survey finds

Consumers are also using a wider array of digital health tools, according to the survey, which found a three-fold increase in mobile and tablet health apps over the past four years
“Increasing consumer demand for digital health services is transforming the care delivery team, putting patients and technologies in the driver’s seat alongside physicians, a new Accenture survey suggests. The survey of 2,301 U.S. consumers finds greater acceptance of virtual medical encounters, artificial intelligence and other machine-based services being part of their healthcare experience. One in five respondents said they have previously used AI-enabled healthcare services and most said they expect to use them in the future. Of those, 66% cited home-based diagnostics, 61% cited virtual health assistants and 55% cited virtual nurse monitoring of health conditions, medications and vital signs.” Read the full article.
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