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EHR Satisfaction Survey 2017: After Years Of Frustrations, User Wish-list Turns Positive

EHR satisfaction survey 2017: After years of frustrations, user wish-list turns positive

Electronic Health Records: Surprisingly, Users are Satisfied Overall

“CIOs, clinical staff still want better interoperability and ease of use, but the focus is shifting to improving EHRs, not just fixing them. Questions included: How satisfied are you with the features of your EHR? What do you like best about the software? What would you change? How do you rate user interface and experience? How is its interoperability with other systems, and with medical devices? Security? Modularity? Vendor support services? Overall, responses tended toward constructive criticism with suggestions on areas to build upon. It is a sign that innovation is taking hold among some products, and that certain EHRs are maturing into systems that users can appreciate.” Read the full article.
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