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Julie Williams, Client Services Account Manager – 20+ Years Experience

Julie Williams, Client Services Account Manager – 20+ Years Experience

This month we speak to Julie Williams, Client Services Account Manager, about the many facets of her role, what she finds rewarding in her position, and what progress she has observed over her two decades with HealthAxis 

What does the day of an account manager entail?  

Every day is a little different. I have a multitude of tasks within client services for various products and platforms. My clients are all unique and are contracted for multiple products, including front-end data capture, custom workflow for document management, claims and administration, 1095 Affordable Care Act web portal, and more. In a single day, I navigate between answering client questions, working on tickets, supporting demo requests, and developing workflow designs or specification updates.  

What do you find most rewarding in your work?  

I enjoy making clients happy by resolving their challenges and supporting the growth of their operations. We have seen this in many partnerships over the years but, I find one of the most exciting and evolving is the prison systems support organizations. These groups who provide care for inmates have been a unique opportunity for our company and continues to be an area where we expect further growth. They use our services for claims processing support, data capture, scanning for payments, and more. We help them to meet federal, Medicare, and other requirements necessary in this space.   

What are your most memorable times with HealthAxis and, how have you seen the company evolve?   

I have been with the company for 23 years and have had many great experiences personally and with client successes. Some of my favorite times have been out on the road with my colleagues visiting and developing client relationships. I was lucky enough to go to Jamacia twice when we had a data capture facility there. Once in North Dakota, we took a day to see Mount Rushmore.    

In recent years, we have seen an evolution in our culture driven by our CEO, Shilen Patel. The thing I admire most about him is his approach to inclusion with open and honest communication. As Covid began to challenge the United States, our executive team jumped into action by moving anyone who could be to remote work. I appreciate the safety precautions but, I do miss our in-person interactions. Should we return to the office, I’m most looking forward to the return of our workout group in Dallas. 

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