Member/Enrollment Portal


24/7 access to real-time information

Reduced phone calls & paper transactions

Simple, easy-to-use Interface

Secure Member login

HealthAxis Group’s integrated Member/Enrollment portal enables enrollment and member management. This includes access for members, dependents, administrators, and providers. The Member/Enrollment portal is completely configurable and easily maintained. It offers total flexibility for integration with existing health plan portals and can also be fully integrated with back-end benefits platforms.
The HealthAxis Member Portal delivers members’ healthcare and benefits information in an online, secure environment. Our self-service portal offers a configurable user design and real-time integration with other HealthAxis systems or third parties. Our portal allows you or your members to customize their portal, making it unique to their organization or plan.


  • Unique configurability at multiple levels and down to the member
  • View eligibility, claims status, and accumulators
  • View plan descriptions
  • View EOBs
  • Update demographics
  • Find a doctor
Member Portal Dashboard