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Michael Friel, Compliance Officer Speaks On Healthcare Compliance Regulations And How To Remain Apprised Of Industry Changes

Michael Friel, Compliance Officer speaks on healthcare compliance regulations and how to remain apprised of industry changes

This month we are speaking to Michael Friel, Compliance Officer, on the latest healthcare compliance regulations and how he keeps on top of the evolving industry of healthcare compliance 
Healthcare compliance rules are continuously evolving. How do you stay informed of the latest developments?   

I learn something new every day in the changing regulatory environment. We devote time and effort to policy changes and stay current by following key industry sites like the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). I am grateful to be a part of an exceptional team and network of industry friends. We work together to understand and enact the adjustments. 

How do you communicate or introduce new compliance requirements that need implementation?   

We first discuss new regulations with our employees in the impacted area. Our team addresses each requirement to meet their unique circumstance. By gathering their expert intel, we can be sure to address any potential direct impacts on daily operations and work together to make the necessary changes. We follow up by conferring with industry professionals. Sometimes, we make a small policy or procedure change through communication and training. With more complex changes, like Covid-19, we break down the pieces and ensure compliance and effectiveness by combining our team’s suggestions with research and industry best practices.   

What are some of the latest industry changes that we have adapted to at HealthAxis Group?   

The one on everyone’s mind is Covid-19. Everything changed, from how and where we work to the way our clients service their members. Honestly, whoever would have thought of a parking lot as a medical testing site? The medical regulatory field is constantly evolving and so are we. Our leadership and teams adapted quickly and effectively to step up to the challenge when the pandemic hit. Our agile nature allowed us to be flexible and successful when, unfortunately, some industries and companies were not.  

What is the best resource for medical professionals to find the latest compliance information? 

Find a partner you trust. My dad was a doctor, like other medical professionals, he spent numerous hours staying current on ever-changing trends in medicine. Keeping track of CPT Billing codes and healthcare company requirements is also a full-time job. That’s why partnering with a professional who knows your needs, understands your business, and has innovative solutions is key. 

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