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New In Wearable Health Tech: A Wrist Sensor That Works Up A Sweat

New in Wearable Health Tech: A Wrist Sensor That Works Up a Sweat

Researchers who are trying to find a way to make wearable health technology real say they’ve taken a big step with a device that generates enough sweat to be useful
Healthcare in the They’ve built a prototype that generates a few drops of perspiration — enough to measure blood sugar and to monitor other bodily functions. It’s not ready for the market yet, but shows it is possible for people to wear lightweight devices that can deliver on the promise of pain-free diagnosis. “You don’t stick people with anything. You can just wrap it on people’s hands and have them engage in their daily activities and you can continuously monitor them,” said Sam Emaminejad, who helped work on the device while at Stanford University. Read the full article.
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