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Torina Gavin, Claims Specialist

Torina Gavin, Claims Specialist

This month we speak to Torina Gavin, Claims Specialist, about her team and experience working for HealthAxis Group.    
Tell us about your team in the Claims Department.   

I love my team; we all work so well together. Each member works very hard and plays an important role in the overall company picture. We value one another’s opinions, support one another, and focus on the important task of providing excellent service to the clients.   


How do you spend your day?   

I work hard every day to support our customers. My time is filled with processing claims, responding to emails, and other requests. I interact with our IT team and member services for support and guidance. We are currently working from home due to the pandemic; our team supervisor has provided excellent resources to ensure a balanced day and workload.    

What do you value most about our company culture?   

I appreciate the fairness within the company. What I mean is the workload is distributed evenly, and there are equal opportunities for advancement for everyone within the company in all departments. 


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