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Medical Providers

We want to ensure that systematic integration and practice management will always be within your grasp, thereby reducing management complications and allowing you to focus on what matters most— safeguarding wellness and enhancing personalized care. HealthAxis Group is dedicated to equipping providers with solutions that address electronic health records, practice management systems, billing, demographics and appointment scheduling systems. With these capabilities, the quality and efficiency of both providers’ administrative and financial needs will be met with ease.

Our solutions enable Medical Providers to:

  • Alleviated the need to have additional onsite equipment and personnel manage systems
  • Rapidly setup and configure systems with limited involvement from your IT resources
  • Increase automated claims payments
  • Create comprehensive ad-hoc reporting
  • Comply with Meaningful Use requirements
  • Automate critical patient follow-up for appointment reminders, assessments, and other interventions

Remove your inefficiencies and optimize your performance
through these leading-edge solutions

Core Benefit Admin System

Technological optimization meets financial efficiency in this fully integrated system that is designed to streamline benefits administration, healthcare claims processing, and overall health plan management.

Web Based Self Service Portals

Regardless as to whether you’re a provider seeking to get organized, a member searching for enrollment solutions, or a user looking to increase the efficiency of patient-centric activity, we offer a reliable web portal that meets your needs.

Smart Front End Services

From advanced mailroom services to every facet of health claims management, products and services are balanced in our Smart Front-End® service which enables you to tailor your experience to your day-to-day needs.

Post Adjudication Services

The industry may be hard to keep up with, but with our Post Adjudication Services, you can defy modern limitations to ensure efficient and cost-effective health claims processing, resulting in faster claims settlements.

Business Process Outsourcing

We want you to focus on what matters most to you, which is why we offer BPO solutions that enable us to manage your business processes through our own internally managed system and strategic partnerships.

EHR & Practice Management

Clarity is key, which is why our EHR and Practice Management system offers a full suite of features to serve independent practitioners, clinics, and physician groups in a way that is both efficient and transparent.

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