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A comprehensive healthcare management solution built around your business.

  • Extensive, flexible, front- and back-office, third-party administrative services 
  • Capabilities to service all Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Commercial markets      
  • All services fully integrate with next generation technology and analytics to increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • Customizable service engagements, from outsourcing all plan operations, to targeted, single-line services 
  • Consultation services: leverage collective intelligence, business relationships and innovative tools to increase customer satisfaction


HealthAxis’ Technology offering is a mature complement of SaaS-based healthcare benefits software solutions for benefits administration and healthcare claims processing industries. Our technology offering has many solutions which fall into two main categories, the Core Benefit Administration System and our Web-Based Portals.

The Core Benefit Administration System includes benefits enrollment, member management, billing, claims workflow, auto-adjudication allowing access to technology with low ongoing costs and efficient benefit plan administration.

Our Web-Based Portals provide service for Providers, Care Management and Member Enrollment.


HealthAxis offers Business Process Outsourcing Solutions through our internally managed systems and through our strategic partnerships. Our expertise in various sectors throughout the healthcare landscape will allow you to focus on your core competencies, while we effectively manage your business processes.

Our systems are continuously updated and improved to meet and exceed best practices, allowing you to avoid distractions from your primary areas of business.


In a rapidly evolving marketplace, data empowers decision-making. At HealthAxis, we aim to bring an analytical mindset to every level of our enterprise. We have implemented metrics that capture organization and system performance, and offer scalable SSRS reporting infrastructure, as well as real-time access to data.

HxLogic solution is a comprehensive, integrable system enabling full lifecycle analysis. It effectively consolidates and analyzes data into usable and easily consumable information that pinpoints areas for action. Our system provides hundreds of powerful metrics, alerts and reports to healthcare professionals.

Across the organization, your team can monitor performance, analyze key performance indicators and compare them to performance benchmarks. Your data will be turned into integrated and actionable insight in record time.

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