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Managed Care Solutions

HealthAxis Group’s Solutions enable Medicaid and Medicare customers to provide high quality care and keep costs low while ensuring compliance with changing government and state regulations. Our Solutions Platform supports 5 STAR Plans and helps organizations achieve the highest HEDIS/STAR ratings for exceptional care.

HealthAxis’ Solutions Platform is cloud-delivered, incorporating full functionality for all business requirements of any health plan organization. Our technology enables health plans to provide enhanced customer service, adapt quickly, and offer new products to members, all the while reducing overall risk.

Commercial/Private Health Plan Solutions
RBPO Solutions

HealthAxis Group understands the varying types and requirements associated with the delegation of risk and responsibility between health plans and intermediate entities. Our fully scalable, latest-generation Healthcare Technology Platforms meet and exceed the needs of Risk Bearing Provider Organizations.

HealthAxis Group helps Providers address compliance, improve administrative efficiency, lower cost, and improve quality and delivery of care. Our Provider Solutions include Electronic Health Records, Practice Management Systems, Billing, Demographics, and an Appointment Scheduling System for physicians’ offices and ambulatory care clinics.

Provider Solutions


We customize all aspects of logic, workflow and reporting in response to your unique needs or opportunities.


We pool knowledge from our shareholders across the healthcare landscape to innovate and provide useful features.


Our size is large enough to give you the support you need, and small enough to be flexible and adapt quickly to your circumstances.