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A Third-Party Administrator’s ability to adapt to an ever-changing medical industry and marketplace may hinge upon whom they successfully partner with. HealthAxis aims to be just that — a consistent and reliable partner. Our end-to-end suite enhances TPAs’ abilities to provide optimal customer service through automated workflows and efficient administrative procedures. Innovative and full-service care will be easier for TPAs to achieve, and the possibility for our partners’ growth is rendered virtually limitless.

Our solutions enable Third-Party Administrators to:

  • Manage multiple markets and lines of business with vastly different rules or requirements within a single code-based system alleviating the need for employees to log into multiple systems and serve multiple clients
  • Improve service through enhanced self-service features
  • Match member portals to existing company web site look and feel for a seamless integration
  • Keep pace with rapidly evolving market-by-market changes within a single code base by using our sophisticated and intuitive Determinants™ Rules feature
  • Achieve auto adjudication rates of up to 100%, lowering staff ratios and making claims processors and workflow more productive
  • Effortlessly import and export  key data sets to support interoperability and analytics
  • Coordinate activities and share data among TPAs, covered members, and providers through a highly integrated platform
  • Shed costly and complex IT burdens using a hosted certified solution that conforms to cyber security and cloud hosting mandates
  • Automate high volume workflow in claims processing, and utilization management
  • Offer your clients advanced capabilities such as Care\Disease Management, Population Health and Analytics experience
  • Protect and secure all healthcare information under the HIPAA Privacy Legislation requirements
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