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Rebooting Healthcare

HealthAxis is an innovative partner for those who want to revolutionize healthcare services and become leaders in the industry.

Since 1965, HealthAxis has been delivering healthcare technology and service solutions to a variety of healthcare organizations throughout the United States, including commercial, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, and Medicare Advantage plans.

Through our years of insights and innovative thinking, we have created one of the most advanced, comprehensive healthcare administration suites in the market.

Every day, we are motivated by our clients to serve as true partners. Our team of experts strives to equip our clients with flexible tools that administer quality results for their communities.

As the models for delivery and regulations rapidly change, HealthAxis Group’s scalable solutions offer a single-source, holistic approach that prepares the healthcare industry to meet the challenges ahead.

Our Philosophy - HealthOps

HealthOps is the working philosophy of HealthAxis. It represents the potential for continuous improvement by thoughtfully combining technology, data, and services for business administration of healthcare insurance plans and patient care delivery.  HealthOps is a culmination of our Mission, Vision, and Values. Each rooted in the belief that healthcare is not one big problem to solve, but a million issues to improve upon methodically and holistically.

Understanding technology, data, people, and processes positively influence one another, our team was inspired and believed they could build a more efficient and collaborative healthcare system. HxOne was derived and created to offer a fully integrated healthcare operations solution that provides a broad set of services unifying processes and data, driving coordinated and value-based care, and leveraging modern technology.

Combining HealthOps with HxOne’s SaaS (Software as a Service) for healthcare plan management gives us the mindset and the means to reimagine how healthcare payers can increase efficiency, enhance operational performance, and advance patient care.

Our HealthOps mindset is reflected in who we are, and in everything that we do, from developing systems, answering calls, to consulting with potential partners. While functioning and growing as a HealthOps organization, we set the example for industry best practices and deliver a unique approach to partnership with our clients.


Our VISION is healthcare REBOOTED as a completely EFFICIENT, INFORMATION-DRIVEN, and COOPERATIVE institution.


Our MISSION is to ceaselessly improve the SPEED and QUALITY of INFORMATION and DECISIONS in healthcare.

Corporate Headquarters

5509 W Gray St #200
Tampa, FL 33609

Other Office Locations

5415 Mariner St
Tampa, FL 33609

208 S Hoover Blvd
Tampa, FL 33609

725 Peninsular Pl
Jacksonville, FL 32204

670 E Main Box 1246
Castle Dale, UT 84513

2002 W Loop 289
Lubbock, TX 79407

500 E John Carpenter Fwy
Suite 600
Irving, TX 75062

Our Partners

Our Partners provide the greatest source intelligence and motivation. We couldn’t flourish without our partners. Learn more about these relationships and how you too can join us in our mission to drive change.

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