Electronic Health Records & Practice Management System

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HealthAxis Group’s Electronic Health Records, Practice Management System and Revenue Cycle Management services are powered by Azalea Health®, and offer a full suite of features to serve independent practitioners, clinics, and physician groups. In addition to the benefits listed below, our sales force will ensure that your specific needs are addressed.
HealthAxis is certified in the ONC Health IT Certification Program. We are committed to making the costs and performance of our EHR products and services visible and transparent to our clients.

Costs & Limitations

Complete EHR Program HealthAxis’ powerful, user-friendly, certified EHR, delivers functionality and workflow that enhances practice performance. The Complete EHR program consists of fully integrated electronic health records, practice management, scheduling and billing functionality.
There is a one-time implementation cost and an ongoing monthly service maintenance cost for the Complete EHR. Costs are based upon the practice size.
*HealthAxis EHR may require one-time costs to establish interfaces for reporting to immunization registries and public health agencies.
Developer name – HealthAxis Group
Date the product was certified – 4/23/15
Product name – HealthAxis EHR
Product version – V2.0
Unique certification number – 04232015-1971-1
Certification criterion or criteria to which the product has been certified – 170.314 (a)(1-15); (b)(1-5, 7); (c)(1-3); (d)(1-8); (e)(1-3); (f)(1-3); (g)(2-4)
CQMs to which the product has been certified – 2v3; 50v2; 62v2; 69v2; 77v2; 126v2; 138v2; 147v2; 153v2; 158v2; 165v2
Any additional software the certified product relied upon to demonstrate its compliance with certification criteria – DrFirst Rcopia, Superscripts Network for Clinical Interoperability
ONC Disclaimer: “This Complete EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”
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Claims Processing


Our comprehensive HXG-EHR platform includes fully integrated electronic health records (EHR), practice management, interoperability services, patient portal, personal health records, telehealth, the HXG-Azalea mobile platform integrated with Apple® Healthkit, as well as Revenue Cycle Performance medical billing services.
HealthAxis Group’s highly functional and user-friendly interoperable EHR incorporates all the practice management, scheduling and billing functionality you need plus the performance you want to effectively manage your practice.
If you’re uncomfortable with using electronic health record technology or you are looking to change your current EHR or EMR, we make the transition simple. Just ask our users and they will tell you they have no regrets.


  • Cloud-based, secure, and HIPAA compliant, the practice management system is free with HXG-EHR and integrates with any EMR
  • Claim management system includes specialized sorting queues and filters with advanced search features and transparency on claims status which improves cash flow while reducing claim rejections
  • Flexible billing module accommodates both institutional and professional claim formats
  • Patient Scheduling is customizable to your needs with visibility and tracking of patient appointments, including overlapping provider schedule alert for multiple locations
  • Document Management uploads and scans images, documents and patient records directly into system
  • Accommodates small and large group practices by scaling and growing with your needs
  • Library of billing and financial reports includes detailed financial reports that help to make better informed financial decisions
  • ICD-9, ICD-10, and CPT codes are automatically loaded including code verification and validation
  • Unspecified ICD-10 codes display in red text
  • Detailed HIPAA audit trail
  • HXG-Azalea Patient Portal – Encourage your patients to be more engaged in their healthcare


The HealthAxis Practice Management (HXG-PM) System is a cloud-based medical billing and practice management system that features simple navigation and an intuitive interface. It is the powerful foundation for The HealthAxis Electronic Health Records (HXG-EHR) that allows users to analyze and improve practice management performance while maximizing revenue. It integrates seamlessly with HealthAxis Group’s other software solutions and any EMR. The system also features comprehensive revenue intelligence, as well as coding and compliance data checkers.


  • Integrated Telehealth functionality
  • Interoperability services
  • Population Health Management services
  • Chronic Care Management dashboard to easily identify & manage patients with chronic conditions, including easy steps to opt-in, document and track
  • Patient-centered Medical Home (PCMH) reporting
  • Outcomes-based reporting
  • Personal health records management
  • Patient Portal
  • Clinical charting, SOAP generation (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) & workflow management
  • Scheduling – including overlapping provider schedule alert for multiple locations
  • Billing & claims processing
  • Unspecified ICD-10 codes display in red text
  • Patient statement messaging
  • ePrescribing (eRx)
  • Voice recognition & dictation
  • Form builder
  • Assessment templates
  • Customizable inventory module
  • Insurance verification & address validation
  • Doc management & archive system
  • Secure messaging & tasking system
  • Online CPOE
  • 2014 Drummond Certified ONC-ACB Complete EHR Ambulatory
  • Meaningful Use dashboard