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Our business and pricing model is such that our greatest success comes from thriving long-term customers who can scale to care for an increasing number of patients. If the companies using our system cannot maintain and grow, neither can we. Therefore, we do not just focus on the Solutions we have sold or expect to deliver. Instead, we endeavor to keep in mind all dynamics, challenges, and opportunities that shape a partner’s potential. Whether it is something we do, something would be willing to try, or something done by an outside party, if it can help unlock opportunities we will consider how to make it available to our users and stakeholders. This is why we use the term “Partners”¬†instead of customers to reflect the high degree of alignment.
Our Account Managers embody this partnership mindset. We work to understand each organizations’ goals, seek to identify opportunities that make sense for each partner, and then craft projects that help realize those opportunities.
Our Partners provide the greatest source of ideas and feedback we could hope for. We treat our partner interactions as learning experiences and research expeditions, considering all input and using it to define our product roadmap, our library of tools and solutions, and our strategic plans as well as our partners’.
Through our Partnership Approach and through more formal structures such as user groups and surveys, we are doing our best to utilize the awareness and intelligence of the organizations who use our systems.


Our Training and Implementation team will work directly with you to ensure the implementation process goes as smoothly as possible. Once we obtain the scope of work and agreed to a target go-live date, we will provide a comprehensive project plan for training, implementation and go-live. Clients are assigned experienced and a dedicated Account Managers to assist throughout the entire implementation process. Our extensive training plan can be completed via WebEx or in-person, onsite. We also provide post go-live support, ensuring your team is comfortable using the new system. If additional enhancements or changes are requested post go-live, our Customer Service and Development teams will work to deliver these enhancements as quickly and proficiently as possible.


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