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What Is HxPro?

What is HxPro?

HxPro is a benefit and claims administration system built entirely on next-generation technology, designed for flexibility and performance with highly automated workflows that drive efficiency gains, reduce errors, and ensures compliance. 

What makes HxPro stand out from other systems 

HxPro is scalable, interoperable, and modifiable. The cloud-based architecture supports limitless expansion opportunities with service-oriented design and open application programming interfaces (APIs) allow for easy data access and thirdparty collaborationThe HealthAxis system partners with your team to create unique strategies with the ability to tailor logic, workflows, and interfaces. 

What are the key features? 
  • Highly Efficient and Configurable Benefit Design Options 
  • Flexible Contracting Arrangements and Reimbursement Methodologies 
  • Powerful Online, Real-Time Claims Workflow Engine 
  • Integrated Data Analytics and Departmental Dashboards 
  • Extensive Provider Database Management Administration 
  • Medical Management (UM/DM/CM) 
  • Appeals and Grievance Management 
  • Automated Customer Service Call Center Functionality
  • High Claim Auto-Adjudication Rates 
  • Advanced Medical and Operational Reporting Capabilities 
  • Extensive Data Aggregation and Sharing Capabilities with Trading Partners, Providers, and Members 
Who does HxPro benefit 

All MedicareMedicaid, commercial, self-funded, dental and vision plansIndividual Practice Associations (IPAs), and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). 

What can HxPro do for you?  

If you are looking for a more customized approach to your claims processingHealthAxis can help. Let our team know how we can personalize our design to best support your growing claims and benefit processing needsWe are always looking to improve our systems to best fit the market’s needs. Send us a note at 

Where can you learn more?  

Contact us today to talk to an industry expert or request a demo for your team to view the cutting-edge designsee the power of integrated real-time workflows, and learn how this online engine can help elevate your company’s success.  

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