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A New Approach To Health Plan Operations

A New Approach to Health Plan Operations

HealthAxis releases an advanced all-in-one solution to administer claims, third-party services, and data analytics for Health Plans 

Tampa, FL, (September 23, 2020): HealthAxis takes health plan claims administration software and services to the next level with the release of HxOne; an end-to-end, fully integrated healthcare operations solution. HxOne combines advanced claims system technology, flexible front and back-office services, and actionable analytics.

HxOne encompasses:

HxPro, a next-generation, claims administration platform that helps streamline healthcare claims processing and health plan management.

HxOps, a series of business processing services that aid in accelerating productivity and delivering first-rate services and quality care to members.

HxLogic, a powerful data warehouse and analytics solution that drives real-time decisions through pre-built, self-service, and predictive capabilities.

We have been looking forward to this launch for quite a while,” said Shilen Patel, Chairman and CEO. “Over several years, we have developed and acquired key capabilities to embody our HealthOps™ philosophy, managing care and benefits through the holistic interplay between technology, operations, and analytics. From this philosophy, HxOne was born. This sophisticated solution equips clients for the endlessly shifting terrain of healthcare delivery.” 

This was a major endeavor spanning years of effort and investment. There is no way to short cut building a comprehensive and dynamic next-generation system,” said Jason Patchen, President. “Collaborating with our clients to address claim workflow challenges, medical management dynamics, complex provider data issues, appeals and grievances, and analytics, we built a better wheel. The partnership model of development has led us to re-imagine a scalable, efficient platform capable of supporting millions of lives in any line of business. We are excited to share this market disrupting platform, HxOne, with the industry.”

One solution, eliminating multiple vendors, and the need to maintain several different systems is an aspiration of many health plans. HxOne supports all types of health plans, including commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, self-funded plans, IPAs, and ACOs. It uses modern technology and is deemed the most advanced claims system on the market. The design is scalable, modifiable, and interoperable to support limitless expansion, sophisticated partner collaboration, timely evidence-based decisions, and superior customer service at a lower cost.  HealthAxis invites you to experience the power of one, HxOne.

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