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Candace Aguirre, Lead Scan Operator Shares Experiences

Candace Aguirre, Lead Scan Operator Shares Experiences

This month, we speak to Candace Aguirre, Lead Scan Operator about our mailroom operations, Covid-19 business impacts, and working on an inclusive team. 

 What does a day in the Lubbock Mailroom look like?  

Most days are busy. On average, we scan approximately 13,000 claims, and we send out about ten deliveries for returning checks and outgoing mail. My team is very hardworking and dedicated. I appreciate their reliability and admire their dedication. One of our stars is Kiemodrick Matthews. He is always punctual, conducts his day with efficiency, and arrives with a ready-to-work attitude. In the ongoing pandemic, they have continued to be dedicated to their work-family by exemplifying one of our company’s core values, trust in team.   

Has your department experienced any recent challenges?   

One challenge that has impacted many teams globally is the Covid-19 pandemic. We do our best to keep a clean and safe work environment. Our company provides supplies including disinfecting spray and wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves, face masks, and face shields. We also maintain social distancing in the workplace.   

Even with these precautions, our group has felt the effects of the virus. We have experienced some positive testing. Our impacted members were able to take recovery times as needed and return to good health.  

While this put us behind in some areas, we are maintaining productivity by being extremely dedicated and our operations have been continuous. We utilized healthy team members and some temporary workers to maintain steady production and catch up where we needed the extra support.    

What would you like to share about working at HealthAxis?  

The thing I value most about the culture at HealthAxis is that we are very inclusive. We operate with high values and consider objectives from all perspectives. These efforts allow our team to feel heard and considered in leadership decisions. An example of this is our floating holidays. The employee selected days off permit our team members to celebrate their community backgrounds and cultures.   

Even though some offices are states apart, we have managers virtually supporting one another and working together to keep strong company communication. As needed, we have managers traveling throughout the organization to help each other with a hands-on approach. This dynamic has been extremely helpful in critical situations. 

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