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Peggy Dell’Orfano, Executive Assistant To COO Shares Her Experiences

Peggy Dell’Orfano, Executive Assistant to COO Shares Her Experiences

This month we speak to Peggy Dell’Orfano, Executive Assistant to the Chief Healthcare Operations Officer, about the importance of her position, teamwork, and her experience working for HealthAxis during a pandemic. 
 How are your role and teamwork important?  

 I think of my role as a bridge and a gatekeeper, supporting our Chief Healthcare Operations Officer on a day-to-day basis by helping her stay aligned and focused on her tasks and role. Without everyone working together, the company doesn’t grow collectively. I’ve found that getting the right relationship brewing with my boss and coworkers as an executive assistant is critical for the smooth operation in any company pushing to drive an industry forward.                                                                                                                                            

Why do you think HealthAxis is a great place to work?  

The diversity, the culture, the amazing people here, and knowing the leaders are working together with the employees towards growth, success, and better opportunities, not just for the company but for their employees.  

 What has been the most rewarding experience in your time with HealthAxis 

In my position, I’ve not only worked for C-Suite executives but with the whole company. I’ve always tried to maintain a positive attitude and have a smile for everyone I meet. Since we’ve started working remotely and being with the company only a couple of months, I’ve had people reach out to me on Teams and say ‘hi,’ or ‘I miss seeing you.’ It has let me know that this is where I belong, and that I’m a part of the company, and just how great my co-workers are. 

 How has your experience been since the Covid-19 remote work transition? 

I have continued to learn and develop my skills through the process. I started right before the pandemic so, I’ve had to learn fast in the virtual space, but my supervisor and everyone has been great in helping and guiding me through each process. Although I do love the convenience of working remotely, I do miss the interaction, seeing faces, smiles, and being able to spend more time with my co-workers. 

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